Keeping the Planet cool by growing 

Liquid Trees' mission is to neutralize pollution by capturing pollutants like fertilizers, heavy metals, microplastics and CO2 through increasing the growth of microscopic silica algae (diatoms) in open water bodies

Removing pollutants
Carbon Removal

Increasing diatom growth in open water bodies helps with bioremediation by

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FeedING Zooplankton/Fish
Increasing Oxygen Production
SCALING to 70% of the Earth Surface (water)
WHY bioremediate polluted Water Bodies?

To mitigate climate change and restore river ecosystem services

Nature based climate solutions
need scalability and affordable space for biomass - diatoms can sequester carbon by sinking into sediments for free.
a big sea wave from the bird's-eye
Contribution of diatoms to Earth's global primary production and carbon fixation
an amount of inorganic carbon inside diatoms
11-21 BTn
Anually, diatoms fix the same amount of inorganic carbon as all global rainforests combined

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a lake and a rainforrest
Support Bioremediation

Microalgae Bioremediation has global potential and scalability. Find the world’s highest quality in-situ river bioremediation projects and track their growth over time.

a tropical river with the rainforest around it from a birdview
Start a River-Restoration project

To start a new project, Submit a potentially polluted river for Liquid Trees to review the applicability of our technology.

Our Technology

microalgal Technology can bioremediate Rivers at large scale

a polluted river in the mountainsa polluted river in the mountains

At Liquid Trees, We develop natural climate solutions that promote carbon dioxide removal while improving river water quality.

a green countryside with a river and a big city with smog on the horizona green countryside with a river and a big city with smog on the horizon

Our mission is to use the best bioremediation technology for globally polluted rivers using native beneficial microalgae.

a calmly flowing small rivera calmly flowing small river

Liquid Trees offers a microalgae-based technology for biological carbon sequestration, removing heavy metals and other pollutants from river water.

a big and wide river from an aerial viewa big and wide river from an aerial view

Liquid Trees promote biodiversity by developing microalgae-based systems using native diatom species.

a swampy river with a tropical woods arounda swampy river with a tropical woods around

Liquid Trees offers an in-situ biological water treatment to restore ecosystem services provided by a healthy river.

We started Liquid Trees with the mission of reducing pollution in river systems using microalgal technology, while mitigating climate change. We harness the latest advancements in satellite data and machine learning to ensure the efficiency of the technology.

green rice plantations with a swampy river in the middle

We believe that our in-situ microalgae-based carbon dioxide removal technology requires optimized and robust measurement methods to ensure the effectiveness of the monitoring and validation process. Therefore, to increase confidence in our technology, we are developing our own technology specifically designed to address our primary monitoring needs and create transparent and impactful carbon projects

green lawn and  forrest view with a narrow river in the middle

With Liquid Trees, you can support the best river natural technology coupling biological carbon sequestration and bioremediation, to improve water quality and make a transformative impact on local ecosystems.

See how our technology effectively restores nature on a large scale.
Support natural climate solutions that couple carbon dioxide removal and river bioremediation

Get Started

CREATE A GREENER FUTURE by SUPPORTING our river-based projects

another swampy river from an aerial view
Ensure a Sustainable Future for Decades to Come

Liquid Trees enables supporters to support bioremediation or start their own river restoration projects over an extended period, safeguarding water quality and ensuring a healthy future to achieve sustainability goals. This empowers supporters to create a strong and positive impact on the environment with the help of low-cost and highly efficient technology.

Your support for a Liquid Trees project provides:
Environmental Stewardship: An opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to the environment and sustainable practices.
Corporate Social Responsibility: Enhance your CSR initiatives by supporting tangible carbon removal.
Personal Impact: Make a difference by supporting bioremediation and paving the way for a greener future.
Healthy Aquatic Life: Create a healthier life for aquatic species with low-cost and highly efficient technology.
a polluted drying up river with no trees around
Embrace technology at every step

We’ve unlocked an innovative river-based water treatment technology THAT INTEGRATES carbon dioxide sequestration, accelerating nature's potential to remediate pollution

Liquid Trees uses forefront technology to monitor river bioremediation and track project performance, bringing high accuracy and reliability.

Learn more
Project Screening and Selection
Liquid Trees follow environmental, technical, and economic feasibility analysis to find and select the ideal rivers to develop a project, guaranteeing that your investment delivers a positive impact on the climate, water quality, river biodiversity, and local communities.
Monitor Execution and Progress Over Time
Liquid Trees uses optimized field measurements along with GIS and RS tools to track the project progress and to diagnose any potential risks.
Plan New River Bioremediation Projects
Liquid Trees is dedicated to identifying and planning innovative initiatives that rejuvenate and restore our precious river ecosystems through microalgal technology.

Every river project listed on the Liquid Trees Marketplace must align with our Evaluation Criteria to ensure project quality.
To monitor a river bioremediation project, LiquidTrees uses remote sensing and geographic information systems along with field measurements to monitor and assess microalgae biomass and nutrient evolution along the target river.

The application of microalgae technology for river water treatment is based on the replication of natural systems and represents a sustainable remediation technique.

a calm and clean river bank

On top of carbon sequestration, several co-benefits are generated by microalgal technology such as water oxygenation, excess nutrients, heavy metals and other micropollutants removal, and eutrophication mitigation.

a person is looking at the opposite bank of a swampy river

Also, Liquid Trees projects promote native microalgae communities and river biodiversity while generating ecological, social, and economic benefits for communities and local areas where the technology is applied.

liquid trees projects

protect river ecosystems
promote local biodiversity
create local jobs

By supporting the Liquid Trees projects, you are contributing to multiple impacts on the environment and protecting the nature by:

Enhancing river water quality
Eutrophication mitigation
Restoring river ecosystems by increasing native microalgae species